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Mirage Food Products (Pvt.) Limited starts in 2012. Initially, third-party food products manufacturer and the products are in local and export markets. Presently do manufacturing and direct sales also in the local market. Manufacturing food products with outstanding quality and value for meeting their consumer expectations while ensuring a safe product being produced. We have compiled and standardized all the production procedures from raw materials supplies to the distribution of finished products, to achieve the required quality and safety of our products that comply with the local and international food legislative requirements.

Our Vision

To provide the most appetizing and nutrient-dense fruit beverages that can be found elsewhere on an international level and be the number one beverage leader in the market.

Our Mission

To be the most successful fruit-beverage products company by implementing industry-leading best practices and fostering a culture of continuous improvement among the Mirage Food Products (Pvt) Limited team.

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Company History

In 2012, Mirage Food Products (Pvt) Limited commenced its operations, with an initial emphasis on exports internationally. We are the ones who are presently producing our products and selling them directly to local and international consumers. Our top priority is to produce high-quality, cost-effective food items in strict compliance with all applicable food safety regulations. We use only the most recent harvests of fruits in the production of our beverage products, and we do so with machinery that is entirely technologically automated. Because our beverage products are manufactured in a facility that is GMP 2017 and ISO 22000-2018 accredited, you can rest assured that the quality is never compromised. This assurance is provided by the combination of these two certifications.

Such delicious beverages! Amazing tastes... I am a huge admirer of healthy beverages, and Mirage Food Products are an excellent choice.

Lauren Sabetta

A significant increase in nutrients and potent ingredients. Mirage Food Products are enjoyable and the finest drink available for purchase.

Jessica Jacobsen

I am consistently impressed by how invigorating Mirage Food products are, and I am extremely satisfied with the beverage products I've tried.

Brian Zapp
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